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It's not rawhide... it's HydeOut®

Bark & Harvest® HydeOut® chews are derived from beef “cheek.” This skin above the neck is distinctly different than traditional rawhide. Cleaned safely with hydrogen peroxide, which — just like water — evaporates when product is baked.

We're happy to offer this worry-free alternative to the old rawhide treat!

Dog Chewing HydeOut Treat
Our most popular training treat

Our Bark & Harvest® Lamb Lung treats are all-natural, single-ingredient rewards packed with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which helps support canine joint health. Watch where you put these — your dog will find them!

Doesn't your best friend deserve a burger, too?

Bark & Harvest® Superfood Burgers are portionable, tender, protein-rich patties — each paired with superfoods such as sweet potato, cranberry, apple or pumpkin. A high value reward training treat.

All-natural, single-protein chews

Bark & Harvest® offers a variety of single-ingredient, all-natural protein treats ranging from turkey tendons, bully sticks, bones and more. Choose from assorted beef, turkey, lamb and pork products to find your dog's next favorite!

We're proud to supply our Bark & Harvest treats and chews to the best retailers nationwide. Please ask for us at your favorite store. Our products can also be ordered from Amazon here.
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