Lamb Waffles (10 oz)
Lamb Waffles (10 oz)

Lamb Waffles (10 oz)

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Our natural waffles are made of 100% pure lamb and are truly a dog’s delight breakfast, noon, or night! They make for the perfect reward when playing or training your dog.

10 ounces not enough? Buy in bulk and save 15%! Our bulk boxes come with 10 bags per box!

Common questions for SFPet Lamb Lung Itty Bits:
Where do you get your lamb?
Our lamb lung is responsibly sourced from the USA and New Zealand.

What size dog are the Lamb Lung Waffles for?
Lamb Lung Waffles are bigger pieces, but are easily breakable making these treats great for any size dog!

What is in your Lamb Lung Waffles?
1 special ingredient - Lamb Lung! We only cut and bake (no smoking allowed). We do not add any flavoring, coloring, preservatives, additives, or salts.

Why lamb lung?
Our sister company is a meat processor that specializes in lamb cuts and meals for humans! Instead of wasting great and clean sources of protein that humans won't eat, SFPet uses it to make treats for pets.