Lamb Nik Knacks Petite 70ct
Lamb Nik Knacks Petite 70ct

Lamb Nik Knacks Petite 70ct

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Our Lamb Nik Knacks Petite 70ct is the perfect box for all dogs who love our lamb ears! No hassle of trying to open shrink wrap or deal with a label. They also come in the perfect box to assist in storage. Our lamb ears are minimally processed and contain no added preservatives or flavoring.

Common questions for SFPet Lamb Nik Knack Petites:
Where do you get your lamb ears?
Our lamb ear naturals are responsibly sourced from the USA, and our lamb ear petites are responsibly sourced from New Zealand.

What's the difference between the naturals and the petites?
Where they are sourced (see previous question) and their size and color. USA lambs are typically bigger than the types of lambs in New Zealand, so the natural lamb ears (USA) are little bit bigger than the petite lamb ears (NZ).

Why are the ears different sizes?
Our lamb ears are a natural product. Not all animals are the same size, and the ears may not be the same size every time.

Are lamb ears like pig ears?
No. Pig ears tend to be hard and greasy. Lamb ears are not very greasy and are a bit softer than pig ears.

What type of pets should eat lamb ears?
Lamb ears are meant for small to medium sized dogs. We have seen Great Danes and Bulldogs chew on the ears, and we recommend observing pets of all sizes when giving them treats and chews.