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Deer Antlers

Antlers are a great chew for the dog needing something that will last and not break so easily. Antlers can naturally assist with preventing tartar build up while providing your dog with an award. Antlers are available in three sizes to choose from - small, medium, and large.


Common questions for antlers:
Where do your antlers come from?
Our deer antlers are responsibly sourced from New Zealand.

My antler looks like it was split down the middle. Is that okay?

YES! In fact, some dogs prefer the marrow (porous looking stuff) in the center of the antler.

Is it okay my dog is eating the marrow?
Yes, it is okay for them to eat the marrow. We do still recommend observing your pet while giving them treats and chews.

Why are these antlers not completely white, and why are they shaped differently each time I buy one from SFPet?
Our antlers are natural antlers with minimal processing. All animals are not the same, so the antlers will not be the same every time.

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