No Bull? No Problem!

As beef pizzle becomes scarce, Bark & Harvest Beauty Chews are bringing relief to retailers!

As many U.S. beef manufacturers face labor shortages, production of lower priority items such as bull pizzles has declined. Growing pressure on supply has left many pet treat manufacturers scrambling for raw material.

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At Superior Farms Pet Provisions, our product development strategy is based on natural, healthy alternatives to traditional dog treats. So we’re able to side-step this looming shortage on pizzles while keeping our customers’ shelves stocked with more exciting products.

The Bark & Harvest Beauty Chews feature the same popular attributes as beef pizzle...

Beef pizzle beauty chew comparison
  • As an employee-owned company, our team members take pride in their individual roles and contributions to customer satisfaction.
  • We partner with small family farms in the U.S. and Colombia.
  • And our operation is committed to sustainable practices that reduce waste and conserve energy.

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