Meet the Team

Pam Star

Pam Star is Supervisor of Cooked Production. She has two cats, Marlie and Hazel, and a grand-pup, Mia (pictured). They love to go on walks and play outside! Pam puppy-sits when her son and daughter-in-law go out of town. In her spare time, Pam loves to garden and grows a variety of flowers. She enjoys working in production to maintain the quality of products. As Pam says, “I work with awesome people.”

Erica Kruid

Erica Kruid is our Office Assistant, and one of the newest members of the team in Iowa. Her dog Billy (or Billferd, as she calls him) enjoy camping and adventuring together! Billy also loves to go on any car ride. Erica loves the atmosphere and the employees at SFPP.

Katie Utesch

Katie Utesch is Quality Assurance Manager. She and her dog Bear love to spend time outside and garden together! Katie is currently learning Spanish. She’s always wanted to be bilingual and now she’s putting in the effort to learn it on a conversational level. Her spirit animal is a goose!

Melissa Fluit

Melissa Fluit is our Shipping Clerk and she joined the team in 2021. Pictured here with friend Cream Puff. Melissa spends much of her free time doing activities with her family such as games, swimming and enjoying the outdoors when the weather allows. She also has a cat and a rabbit, and enjoys listening to music and watching cooking shows and comedies.

Bill Brennan

Bill Brennan is our Sourcing Manager. He’s worked at our Iowa plant since 1983. As Bill explains, “The SFPP plant used to be a lamb facility that I helped open.” He and his dog Dottie like to go on walks to the park and around the city together. Bill also enjoys reading.

Bernie Knight

Bernie Knight is our General Manager. He’s worked in the Iowa office since 2005. His dog's name is Combo and they love to go on car rides in the truck together. At home, Combo is always by Bernie’s side, unless he’s riding the Roomba around in the kitchen as it vacuums! Bernie’s hobbies include fishing, hunting, and hiking. He also loves woodworking and making tables.

Kaye Levin

Kaye Levin is our Key Accounts Manager. She loves working at SFPP because the team works so well together to produce the high-quality treats that furry family members enjoy! Kaye has two cats named Munchie and Foofnik (pictured). Together, they enjoy the wildlife in their backyard such as birds, squirrels, fox, deer, turtles, and even an occasional wild turkey!

Derrick Caudillo

Derrick Caudillo is our Western Region Sales Manager. Whenever you call with questions, he’s the one who helps you! Not having a dog of his own, he’s earned the nickname “Turtle Guy” for Emma, his Russian tortoise. She comes with Derrick to work sometimes, but she prefers to stay at home and plan her next escape. Derrick’s spirit animal is a wolf because they are strong enough to stand alone, but wise enough to know when to stand together – a mindset that he admires!

Bob Mariano

Bob Mariano is our Director of Marketing. While he plans to bring a dog into the family soon, right now he’s got two cats who keep watch over the house! He enjoys music, riding his bike and creating fun new packaging for all the fantastic products this team makes.

Ken Wilks

Ken Wilks is our VP Sales and Marketing. Here he is with Stella and Juneaux. When Ken tells Stella, "I love you," she lifts her head and howls back! Ken’s favorite part about working at SFPP is that each team member here is an employee owner.  That means we share a vision for getting the job done well while caring for each other, our customers and the environment. Ken’s favorite quote is by President Harry S. Truman: “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care about who gets the credit.”

Gary Pfeiffer

Gary Pfeiffer is our Executive Vice President. He has been with Superior Farms since 2000. He loves to hike with his dogs Rodger and Ellie. Gary loves all James bond movies and King Kong is his favorite character! In his free time, Gary also loves to go downhill skiing and cook. His favorite part of working for Superior Farms Pet Provisions is the mission to produce high quality products for everyone's dogs and to uphold such a great group and company of employee owners for generations to come.