Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)

The GFSI is an advisory body only, and adherence to their guidelines are voluntary.  Benchmarking against GFSI standards is conducted by third parties- we use BRC for benchmarking.  We consistently meet the highest standard rank of “A” in both our human food and treat production facilities.

The primary focus of GFSI is food safety.  This has led to greater transparency in production, slaughter and processing practices.  While the focus is not exclusively on “humanely raised animals” per se, the ancillary benefits of heightened transparency and cleanliness has greatly helped to improve the living conditions of animals raised for food throughout the world.

We choose to be GSFI and BRC compliant as opposed to using popular catch phrases employed by other pet treat companies because, “free range” for example, is not necessarily a guarantee of health, cleanliness, transparency in sourcing, etc.