Lamb Twists 2 pack
Lamb Twists 2 pack

Lamb Twists 2 pack

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Lamb Twists are a great alternative to a rawhide chew. Lamb Twists provide a crunchy texture and are not too hard for softer gummed dogs.

Buy in bulk and save! Your favorite Lamb Twists, offered at a great discount! This bulk box comes with 50 two packs per box.

Common questions for SFPet Lamb Twists:
Where do you get your lamb?
Our lamb protein is responsibly sourced from the USA and New Zealand.

What size dog are the Lamb Twists for?
Lamb Twists are meant for small to medium sized dogs. Large dogs can eat them too. Regardless of size, we always recommend observing your pet when giving them a treat or chew.

What is in your Lamb Twists?
1 special ingredient - Lamb Weasand! We only twist and bake (no smoking allowed). We do not add any flavoring, coloring, preservatives, additives, or salts.