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Superior Farms Pet Provisions
Claims Policy and Procedure

NOTE: All claims and claims-related contacts (inquiries, claim photos, etc.) must be submitted via email to Claims submitted by any other method will not be accepted.

To return product wherein Superior Farms Pet Provisions (SFPP) is at no fault: 

  • Notify SFPP within 5 business days of receiving product.

  • Provide an explanation for returning product to SFPP.

  • Any opened boxes are not valid for a credit or return.

  • SFPP will provide labels for eligible cartons to be returned via FedEx Ground.

  • Customer must (1) arrange pickup with FedEx within 5 business days of receiving labels and (2) notify SFPP on the day that product is picked up.

  • Upon receiving returned cartons, SFPP will issue credit within 10 business days.


To return product that is unusable due to product failure:

  • Notify SFPP within 5 business days of receiving product

  • Provide an explanation of the issue with product, including photos.

  • If SFPP elects to have product returned, SFPP will send shipping labels. Credit will be issued when product is received and has been checked by SFPP Quality Assurance.

  • If SFPP does not require product to be returned, credit will be issued within 10 business days of claim.


LTL Damages:

  • Customer must check BOL for the correct SHIP TO address.

  • Customer must check the placards (pallet labels) on outside of pallets to verify that the product received is correct.

  • Failure to verify correct shipment constitutes wrongfully accepting an order, and may result in SFPP assigning a penalty to the Customer.

  • Upon delivery of an incorrect shipment, Customer must reject the shipment, take photos of incorrect information and to send to SFPP immediately.


Visible Damage:

  • Customer should inspect all pallets and cartons.

  • Any damages must be noted by the Customer on the POD before Customer and carrier signatures.

  • Customer must provide a clear report explaining why the product may be damaged. If damages are NOT noted on the POD by Customer, SFPP will not accept the claim.

  • Check the SHIP TO name on the BOL and confirm the pallet labels on the outside of pallets have the correct SHIP TO address.

  • Customer should avoid making notes such as “possible damages” or “subject to inspection” on POD. Customer must note specifically why there may be damage (e.g., smashed cartons, damage to carton/wrap).

  • Take photos immediately and send them to SFPP on the same day as the delivery.


If pallets are accepted and all evidence has been noted on the POD, the Customer MAY be eligible for a refund or store credit if the following steps are completed:

  • Inspect all product immediately after carrier leaves.

  • Provide SFPP with additional photos of the damaged cartons outside and inside. Clear photos showing damage to the product inside the carton are required.


SFPP will determine the dollar amount of damaged product and determine if a refund is warranted. If SFPP determines a refund is warranted, the refund will be issued within 10 business days. 

Rejected Pallets:

  • Customer has the right to reject pallets.

  • Customer must note the reason for rejection on the POD.

  • Before the carrier leaves, Customer must take photos that clearly show the issue and submit photos to SFPP immediately.

  • If SFPP determines a refund is warranted, the refund will be issued within 10 business days.


Concealed Damage:

In the event Customer has signed the POD without noting damages, Customer MAY be eligible for a refund. In order to request a refund on concealed damages, the Customer must…

  • Submit claim to SFPP within 5 days,

  • Submit photos of damage with the claim, and

  • Explain the damages/issues to product in detail.


If SFPP does not receive a claim within 5 days of Customer receiving, SFPP may deny the claim without explanation. If SFPP determines a refund is warranted, the refund will be issued within 10 business.

Shortage Claims on Delivery:

  • It is the responsibility of the Customer to verify that an order is received in full upon receipt. If necessary to verify while the driver waits, allowances are built into the freight cost for this. 

  • Once the Customer signs for an order, the order is considered to be received in full. This does not rule out an investigation of shortages or damages discovered later. If SFPP conducts such an investigation and finds no shortages or concealed damage, it is the Customer’s responsibility to pay for all product received.


Helpful Tips:

  • Customer is encouraged to use the information provided by shipper to track shipments.

  • Allow 7 to 10 business days for product to arrive. If the Customer has not received product after 10 business days, please email Attempts to contact by any other method will result in claim not being received in the allotted time frame and could lead to rejection of claim.

  • Once SFPP receives a claim, an email acknowledgement will be sent to the Customer based on the date SFPP first received the claim. It may take 10 business days for SFPP to provide a response regarding a claim. Some claims may take longer depending on carriers’ response to SFPP.


The purpose of the policy is to help SFPP best serve our valued Customers. We truly appreciate your business.

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