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 Cody:Superior Farms Pet Provisions | Cody Jenks

7 years young, this boy is a mixed bag of a hunka hunka burnin love. We rescued Cody from Sierra Animal Rescue in Portola, CA. Cody was literally born on the railroad tracks in Susanville, NV. He was one of 11 in the litter. SPCA in Susanville picked them up and after holding mom and the pups for their prerequisite number of days was poised to euthanize. Sierra Animal Rescue in Portola, CA learned of them and immediately went into action to bring them to Portola for adoption. Unfortunately, it was not before the SPCA began to euthanize and mom and 3 of her puppies were lost. We met the 8 remaining puppies at 6 weeks of age at Sierra Animal Rescue. They were a silly bunch of totally white, white with a patch over one eye (that’s Cody) and the rest were brindle.  Since we already owned Kit it was required to have the dog you already owned meet the potential adoptee (by the way this is the correct way to adopt). Kit, our yellow lab, once out of the car was accosted by the 8 pups as they chased her around the yard. Not exactly loving the experience, Kit barked at them to put some order in their chaotic behavior and they all retreated behind a dog house….except for Cody. Cody walked right over to Kit talked some gibberish dog talk which we translated to “look I’m coming home with you…my mom was a lot like you and I miss her”. That sealed the deal and Cody was now a member of our family. We relished in the fact that Cody picked us, okay Kit…even if he did throw up on my feet on the ride home. Cody gave us a scare in 2010 when he was diagnosed with a para thyroid tumor. This diagnosis came within inches of his life. Thanks to the amazing veterinary practice at UC Davis, the tumor was removed, several months of intense recovery and our boy is as good as new. He now has renal inefficiency but that can be controlled with diet. By the way, we had Cody’s DNA done at UC Davis. He is part Lab (on his mother’s side), Greyhound and Boxer (on Dad’s side). He is a gentle giant and loves small dogs, baby sheep and goats, which is a story for another day.



Superior Farms Pet Provisions | Carson Jenks

6 years strong and fit as a fiddle! We adopted our third dog from Sierra Animal Rescue in Portola, CA. Carson was about 3 months old reportedly a full Labrador retriever surrendered by a breeder. We adopted Carson and had to leave him at the kennel for a couple of weeks due to our travel schedule. When we brought him home, after he met Kit and Cody, his soon to be pack buddies, he struck us as the most amazingly behaved dog we had ever seen. The first night at home Cody decided to give Carson a vocal listing of the rules if he was going to join the pack. Seriously I wished I had videoed this encounter as Cody (who is a talker) sat with Carson sitting military style in front of him and talked at him for at least 20 minutes. We sat stunned at this display of canine conversation and watched silently. Once Cody was done, Carson took his paw and put it up to stroke Cody’s chest with a little whine and the conversation was over! It was like Carson said “I understand and I agree”. We looked at each other and said what the heck was that and then felt that the indoctrination to the pack was complete and well, our work was done. It would be 24 hours later that Carson would be violently ill taken to emergency where he would be diagnosed with Parvo. The vet asked me how long we’d had him and I replied “24 hours”. He said that they could humanely euthanize him if I wanted or they could try to save him. He said that Parvo had a 50% success rate. Without hesitation I said “I may have only had him 24 hours but we love him and our pack loves him so let’s save him”. It was touch and go for nearly 10 days. On day seven I was asked to come in and say good-bye because they felt he wasn’t going to make it. I was already visiting him 3 times a day holding him and singing to him. (Even to this day he responds to me singing to him…which confirms that they have great memories). I reluctantly went in to say my good-byes wishing beyond hope that he would have made it. You see when I would visit him he would respond by wagging his tail like a crazy dog. On the day I said good-bye he didn’t or couldn’t wag his tail so I felt it was the end. The next morning at sunrise I got a call from the vet who said “you’ve got to come in and see Carson”. Being groggy from the wakeup call I thought they just wanted me to confirm that he hadn’t made it. I went to the hospital and into his quarantined room to see a silly black Labrador puppy with a very excitable wagging tail! Carson made it and every veterinarian in the hospital needed Kleenex because there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Several months later Carson would be diagnosed with “happy tail syndrome” (which still cracks me up to this day), the unfortunate side effect is that he hit his tail so hard every time he wagged it that it caused a cyst on the end of it which was literally eating his tail and according to the vet was most likely cancerous. So after 6 months of trying to save his tail, we had it docked. Now Carson suffers from being “wiggle butt” because without a tale his whole butt wiggles as if he has hinges at his hips. Carson is the best trained and obedient friend anyone could ask for. He is my consummate running mate and my best friend.



Superior Farms Pet Provisions | Stella Jenks12 years on this earth and many more years that her worst nightmares have made her older. She is my strength she is my fortitude of having faith in mankind. Stella was originally from Red Rock Kennels in Reno, NV. She was a formidable coyote and big cat hunter. She also gave Red Rock about 4 litters of her amazing beauty and stamina. One day Stella did not make the truck back while Red Rock was out on the hunt. She would be missing for a month surviving on her own in the mountains where coyotes roam and lightning strikes occur daily. Stella was found by campers when she wandered into their camp not because of the humans but because they also had a dog. Stella is a pack animal and she trusts the instincts and company of other dogs more than humans. The campers brought her home and seeing her collar tag called the kennel. Unfortunately for Stella because she had been gone for so long she was no longer welcomed back to her pack (or as the story goes). The camper kept Stella as her own….the only problem is that this camper was an adventurer who camped often in the mountains, enjoyed the beaches, sand dune buggying in Mexico and a funoutgoing life. Stella had difficulty adapting to this life. I suspect that camping back in the mountains wasn’t on her bucket list along with loud dune buggy vehicles ,parties, etc. Stella was after a spell surrendered to the Humane Society of Truckee Tahoe. Lucky for me I was then the Chairman of the Board for them. I heard wild stories of Stella’s escape from the shelter as she dug her way out under the shed. She was placed in two foster homes where she jumped from the second story deck from one and the other she scaled a 6 foot fence! I told our Director of Adoption to bring her to me. At the time I owned a pet resort and was confident that Stella could not get away from me. Each time Stella escaped there would be a week before Animal Control would find her. The last time was no exception. Having been found the Adoption Director took me up on my offer but cautioned me that Stella had been hit by a car and would need many weekly visits to the vet to care for her injury. No problem I said bring her to me. The first time I laid eyes on Stella I realized that she had been running away until she found me. It was for us both love at first sight. That was 6 years ago and while we haven’t ironed out all of her idyosincronies, we have a wonderful girl who wouldn’t run away from her dog and human pack if we left her outside for days. She is the absolute definition of fortitude, trust, love, and moxy. I love this girl and it is my privilege to make the second half of her life the best it can be. By the way….I never have to leash her, she loves walking by my side…gush. 



Superior Farms Pet Provisions | Kit Jenks

My 13 year old angel. The only one of our dogs that has AKC bragging rights but isn’t allowed to talk about them at home. Hey but since we are bragging I will tell you that her Grandfather the year she was born was the AKC champion for Purina. Kit is definitely the girl who would challenge even the most awarded trainer. I will never forget the words of the trainer we got for her when she was 6 months old. He said “I think we should wait until Kit matures…perhaps in another 6 months. She defies training because she is a dog that is “driven” by her own motivation”. WHAT does that mean? Well we had to admit that Kit only knew her name when she felt it was appropriate for her and she definitely marched to the beat of her own drummer. Until one day when we met Karen Barta, a trainer with a heart as big as the world. She ultimately became our Pet Resort Manager when we opened our very own pet resort. She and Kit bonded as if they had been looking for each other forever. As a matter of fact, Kit became fluent in Clicker Training and was a STAR! Karen took Kit too many APBA training sessions with her because as she said “Kit responds amazingly and is a great trainee”. Not to mention they both fell in love with each other at first sight. Karen is exemplary as a trainer and the lover of dogs that need that extra something, and Kit needed that patient heart to be able to show her stuff. So together they were a great team. Kit who loved to chase balls and find balls in the most unlikely places; seriously she is to this day the best hunter of lost balls on the planet. One day during her search and rescue of “balls” she suffered an ACL injury and had surgery to repair it. While the surgery was successful, it has taken its toll on her in her old age and she suffers from severe arthritis.  Currently she also suffers from an immune disorder and is on more medications than you can shake a stick at. Still she is the consummate ball of energy (well at least in her mind),and  she enjoys each day as if it is a treasure to be found and in my mind and heart is the smartest dog that will ever live. She spends most days swimming in our pool; I will forever hear a splash and envision her swimming around like a puppy. She loves unconditionally and wants the same in return. How can anyone argue with that?

Ellie Mae:

Superior Farms Pet Provisions | Ellie-May Pfeiffer

Ellie Mae is an affectionate, happy Pit Bull/Border Collie mix who we think was born mid 2011, but she is being coy about her exact birthdate.  Ellie, is a rescue dog that found herself abandoned at the Tracy, CA shelter.  The shelter staff loved her and did everything possible to get her adopted.  The staff saved her many times when her time was up.  They even had her picture taken with Santa in hopes that someone would take her home but that didn’t work out and they had to find another path for Ellie.

Early in 2012, Lucky Dog Rescue in Pleasanton took Ellie into their foster care program and brought her to many adoption events in hopes of finding the right family.  The great people of Lucky Dog Rescue www.1luckydogrescue.org worked very hard to find Ellie a new home and one day at an adoption event, Mary Ann Pfeiffer saw her and fell in love.  Ellie came home to her new family and met her new big brother, Roger, and they have been best pals and playmates ever since.  Ellie quickly fit right in at the Pfeiffer household and loves to go on daily walks, explore the backyard and chase lizards and squirrels. 

As a Pit Bull/ Border Collie mix, Ellie has very soft fur, is a little bit timid at first but once she knows you, she just wants to cuddle and have her belly rubbed.  She is very smart and high energy and will play for hours with her buddy Roger.   She sleeps in her crate at night and comes bounding out every morning ready to enjoy the new day.  With Lamb Treats as a training aid, Ellie loves to leap through a Hula Hoop!




Superior Farms Pet Provisions | Roger Pfeiffer

Roger is a smiley, tail waggin Cattle Dog/Pit Bull Mix (we think) that was born in 2005.  Roger was abandoned as a puppy in Arnold, CA, where he was initially found by a local resident who gave him his name and turned him over to the Calaveras Humane Society.  The Calaveras Humane society put Roger in a foster home on a ranch and posted his picture on their website.  Annalise Pfeiffer who was 10 at the time had been nagging her mom and dad for a puppy and found his picture online while vacationing in nearby Twain Harte.  The first time Annalise met Roger, he was a gangly little puppy that came running right up and jumped in her arms. 

Roger came home to live with the Pfeiffer’s and was their first dog.  Roger fit right into his new home and adjusted to suburban life.  Roger is always happy and loves to meet new people and make friends with other dogs.   He enjoys long hikes and playing catch with his ball.  His nemeses are bushy tailed squirrels that always scamper up a tree out of reach.   For Roger life was pretty simple and a little bit boring until his sister Ellie showed up.  He now has to share his family (and his food and his toys and his bed) but it is a good trade off to have a full time playmate that has a lot of energy.

Roger was instrumental in the founding of Superior Farms Pet Products and he has put in a lot of hours testing and perfecting the treats and chews.




Superior Farms Pet Provisions | Beau VanLaningham

Beau is our 3 year old male Border Collie.  About 2 years ago we were looking for another sheep dog to help Lilly out.  A friend of ours trains sheep dogs and told us about this male Border Collie that she had been working with on and off for about a year.  The owners were planning to move to South America where they would be living in a high-rise apartment.  She knew that Beau was not going to adapt well to sitting still.  (That is an understatement.) And when she had expressed this to the owners - they had mentioned that they would be willing to give him to the right home.  So I took my older boys to meet him.  The trainer cautioned me that she had no idea how Beau would be around the kids but we never had need for concern.  Beau went straight to the kids – couldn’t get enough of them.  Lucky for us we were the right home! Beau and my oldest son Nate became fast friends. He waits for Nate to get home from school every day so they can go for a bike ride and dig in the dirt.  On occasion we can pull him away from the boys long enough to help us move the sheep!



Superior Farms Pet Provisions | Lilly VanLaningham

Lilly is literally the sweetest dog I have ever met – and I have met quite a few.  About 4 years ago a good friend of ours acquired Lilly to use on his own flock.  Soon after, his day job fighting wild fires called him away.  It was a bad fire year and it looked like he would be gone for most of the summer.  A mutual friend knew our flock had gotten much bigger and that we were looking for a sheep dog so she suggested that we babysit Lilly.   Our boys were 5 and 2 and the time.  As with any Border Collie, there is energy practically sprouting from the ends of Lilly’s hair, but she slowly walked to Colton (the 2 year old) sat down and rested her nose on his arm waiting for him to pet her.  He was in heaven and we were all smitten.  She instantly became part of our family.   That fall our friend realized how attached we had all become and decided he couldn’t take Lilly away. Yay!

Lilly is a professionally trained working sheep dog and she is GOOD at her job.  During downtime she is a mellow, somewhat shy girl who is content to sit with your hand on her head for hours on end.  But when we put her to work, a switch is flipped and a bold, tenacious, focused worker is on duty.  I love to watch her work the sheep. It is the best showcase of her intelligence, agility and spunk.  Plus she saves me a whole lot of running around pastures! 


Superior Farms Pet Provisions | Jake Johns

Jake is the biggest softie I have ever come across!  We adopted him from a friend almost 8 years ago when she had to move and wasn’t able to take him along.  He has a fierce look about him as he is a Pitt Bull/Labrador mix but his actions are what speak volumes.  He is the sweetest dog and you would never think otherwise after meeting him.   He is great as a solo act, and has also embraced the “mom” role to our new puppy Hailey, a 3 month old Jack Russell.  Now if only they would slow down enough to get a picture together! 



Superior Farms Pet Provisions | Roadie Cassinerio

Roadie was named after my parents found him on the side of the road and sent him to college with me! Roadie is a Queensland Heeler and Jack Russell Terrier mixed breed. Roadie is a sweet guy who was very shy when I first got him, but with lots of TLC and patience he has really come out of his shell and now enjoys coming into work with me each day at the Superior Farms Pet Provisions Headquarters. Roadie’s favorite activity is running! Roadie is an incredibly high energy, active dog who enjoys our nice long walks or runs in the park. Roadie enjoys all of our treats, and is especially fond of his role as “head treat tester” at the SFPP Headquarters. 






Superior Farms Pet Provisions | Megan

A happy girl who loves to herd sheep. Still a puppy she’s just learning her trade right now and she’s really good at it! She lives on a farm in Northern California where she gets to practice what border collies do best.