We provide the highest quality pet provisions sourced directly from our farms. All of our products are carefully selected from all natural ingredients and are great for your pet.

Claims Policy

 Transhumance Holding Co., Inc. Claim Policy

This policy applies to all THCi customers to include Superior Farms, Superior Packing Co, Superior Farms Denver,Superior Farms Grove, Superior Farms Iowa, Superior Farms Boston, Southland Meat Co and Superior Farms Pet Provisions
1. At time of delivery, customer shall provide immediate telephone notification to their sales contact of
alleged defects, discrepancies, or any situation that would impair value of goods or justify payment of
less than amount billed (“Claims”), at which time a claim number will be assigned. Assignment of a
claim number shall not constitute approval of customer’s claim; final approval may only be given by the Claims Department in writing. Within seven days after such telephone notification, customer will need to send documentation to support the Claims. All correspondence should be addressed to ATTN CLAIMS DEPARTMENT at the appropriate address, below:
Superior Farms Pet Provisions claims@superiorfarmspet.com
1000 Business Park Drive, Suite F
Dixon, CA 95620
2. Notification of Claims must be made to the THCi salesperson in all cases excluding carcass shrink claims within 72 hours of delivery of the goods. Carcass shrink claims require immediate notification upon delivery. If notice is not so made, then customer waives all claims, accepts the goods as conforming in all ways to sale and will timely submit full payment.
3. Claims for price discrepancies must be pre-approved by the salesperson and the Claims Department in writing prior to deducting from payment.
4. Any product returned for credit must be in the original shipping container and cryovac bag. If not
returned in its original container it may be returned to the customer and the Claims will be denied.
5. Claims for off ÂÂÂ├é┬Écondition, returns, or wrong product shipped must have the bar code serial number (last 8 digits under barcode on label) reported before the claims will be approved. If more than 10 cases are being returned then only 9 serial numbers will be needed to verify age and date shipped, before approval will be given.
6. Claims for spoiled products must be accompanied with the original case label, thereafter, the product may be returned to a THCi plant in order to be considered for Claims Department approval.
7. Carcass claims for shrink discrepancies must be over the ½ of 1% allowable industry standard. These claims will require complete documentation including weight sheets that must clearly indicate there is a shrink over the ½ of 1%. A completed Carcass Shrink Claims Form must be sent via fax to us and telephone notification is required at time of delivery. Contact the appropriate address above, or, if applicable, one for the following:
Superior Farms Pet Provisions: (707)635-5769, Fax (707)693-1583
Payment for less than the amount invoiced must be authorized in writing by the Claims Department.
Assignment of a claim number to customer by THCi or acceptance of partial payment from customer
shall not constitute final approval of customer’s claim nor shall it be considered a waiver of any of
customer’s obligations or THCi’s rights. THCi reserves the right to deny claim that is untimely and/or
submitted with incomplete information.